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Enabling HiDPI on MacOS

Disclaimer: Instructions here are provided without any warranty. It’s a collection of steps. Also, I’ve only been able to enable a couple of HiDPI resolutions, but not all that I anticipated to. This is mostly a post to remind myself of the trouble I’ve been going through to enable HiDPI on an external display. My HP Envy 27 was a problem child...

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Overcoming YAML Pain in CI/CD

TL;DR: YAML can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing when used for CI infrastructure. Other alternatives include moving to build systems like CAKE/FAKE, or using TeamCity and its Kotlin DSL. Both approaches have their unique pros and cons. NUKE, of which I’m the author, provides a solution that combines the power of both - flexibility of a build system...

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Marta - MacOS Finder for developers

Ever since I’ve fully switched from Windows to MacOS for my daily development, I was looking for a good Finder replacement. On Windows I was just using Windows Explorer, which wasn’t great, but good enough. On MacOS however, the native Finder application is far beyond being developer friendly. It might be that I’ve missed to change some secret s...

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