Compiled icons for ReSharper plugins

Unfortunately, the ReSharpers DevGuide was kind of incomplete for me when it came to generating compiled XAML icons for my new TestLinker plugin. My problem was that I needed a XAML image with DrawingBrush, but all I could gather from was SVG, PNG, ICO and some other useless stuff. At least format-wise. Luckily, things can be converted, although this one needs two tools and a dirty extension renaming.

  1. Open SVG with InkScape
  2. Draw a magenta-filled (#ff00ff) rectangle around the existing icon
  3. Export as PDF and rename extension to AI
  4. Open the file with ExpressionDesign
  5. Make the icon 96dpi (File, Document Size…)
  6. Resize if necessary
  7. Export with format XAML WPF Resource Dictionary

After that you can continue as described in the DevGuide. For illustration, here is the related commit with all the modifications I made.

TestLinker Options Page

Now that’s a shiny happy compiled icon :grin: